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2021 #DareMe Challenge

#AdoptJoy    #PutMyEffortWhereMyHeartIs     #PutYourMoneyWhereYourMouthIs

How It Works

- All Dares must be PG-13. Legal, and Not Seriously Compromise My Safety

- I am willing to travel anywhere in the world, but you must cover the expense as part of your donation. 

-I have a valid passport, am fully vaccinated, and have an FBI approved background check. 

-TO MAKE A DARE, simply comment below the video with your dare. If I accept, I will message you to agree on a donation amount. Once the dare is accepted, you send the funds and I am then filmed completing the dare which will then be shared on social media! 


Other Ways to Participate


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Thank You to Our Corporate Sponsors

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If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please complete the Get In Touch form in the Contact Us.

2021 Completed Dares
All videos of completed Dares are posted to Facebook and TikTok (links at top of page)

- The Day of the Three Humiliations to be told on camera and posted to the internet for all time and eternity

- Lip Sync at The Pub in Fort Lauderdale

- Complete a Leg Day Workout with Chris Ruden

- Catch a Horse in the Pasture and Return it to the Barn

- Go Grocery Shopping Dressed as a Witch

- Go Halloween Caroling in Your Neighborhood

- Make a Full Meal with Help From Your Children
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